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EAR CANDLES- Ear candles are a special Bee’s wax wrapped around a thin layer of fabric that is placed in your ear. No it does NOT drip wax into your ear. It acts as a vacuum that helps to clear your sinuses. They are in a cone shaped rod that is easy to use. We have a more detailed instruction sheet for first time users.

ALMASED- Almased is a revolutionary weight loss protein shake.  It is low glycemic, meaning you feel fuller longer and you don’t have to eat as much as you think you do to feel full.

PROTEIN SHAKES- We have plenty of protein shakes for our body builders and our customers who like to work out. Our flavors range from tropical fruits to plain fruits such as strawberry, peach, and orange, and even ranges to chocolate, s’mores and cookies and cream.

ENERGY BOOSTERS- Our Emergin-C drink packets are a full boost of vitamin C and energy that can help get you through the day with ease.

POTENCEY ENHANCER- For our customers who want to spice up there love life and are having potency or Erectile Dysfunction we have natural herbal pills to help. We also have Personal Lubricants and Stamina Boosters.

COLLAGEN BEAUTY PRODUCTS- For our stressed and elderly customers who feel like they need a quick face or eye life we have all natural organic products with collagen that can help.

MOOD ELEVATORS- We all have had our emotional lows and days that we need a mood pick-me-up we have pills that can lift your spirits with ease.

ACIDOPHILUS- Those who need good bacteria in their bodies we have Acidophilus pills that range from 3 Billion, to 100 Billion bacteria PER pill/packet. We have plenty of probiotics that are shelf stable, and some that need to be refrigerated.

ORGANIC JUICES & TEAS- Our line of organic juices range from pineapple, to carrot, and even beet and celery. We have plenty of juices for your health needs. Even those who have gout we have Concentrated Black Cherry juice.

HERBAL TEAS- All our herbal teas are pure herbs that have been dryed out and sealed for your drinking pleasure. Plenty to choose from depending on your need, like sleep deprivation, to muscle aches and even menstral problems.

HAIR DYES- Our hair dyes are ammonia free and we have a wide variety to choose from, they don’t dry out your hair and have very vivid colors.

NATURAL SALTS & SWEETNERS-  Our Sea Salt is made from a mine in Utah that is mined then grounded up finely without being bleached, or heated, like normal table salt in factory’s. Since our sea salt tends to me more salty then normal salt you need less and the minerals that are in the sea salt is good for you.

ENERGY BARS- Our Energy bars are of many flavors. We even have Skinny Mini bars for those who want to fit in a quick meal who are also looking to lose weight.  Our Chocolate and Acai bars are very delicious and make you feel full.

SHAMPOOS- One of our best selling products is our Peppermint Shampoo. It makes your hair feel refreshed and glossy. The peppermint of the shampoo helps relax hair follicles with can cause tension in your hair at times. One wash and you can feel refreshed.



PET FOODS & PET PRODUCTS- We have organic dog and cat food that is not full of corn or wheat.  We have stop itching spray, and calming spray for cats and dogs who are restless.

ORGANIC MAPLE SYRUP- Our Syrup is ALL ORGANIC and natural. Very sweet tasting without many artificial sugars added.

ALOE & ALKALINE WATERS- Alkaline water is for those who have a high acidity in there stomach and still want to be hydrated. No weird taste or anything, just pure clean water to help.

KIDS MULTI-VITAMINS & GUMMY’S-  Kids are rapidly growing now a days, they need there vitamins and minerals and we have them.  Our gummy vitamins, and easy chewable are a kids favorite, no horrible taste to them, kids love them!

HERBAL PLANT EXTRACTS- For those who don’t like to take pills or tea’s, our extracts are 100% liquid that can me mixed into juice, or water. Same effects with having to take a pill.

WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS- Depending on your weight loss method, we have many pills that can fit your needs. If you are trying to lose weight and gain, muscle then our, Burn and Build is best for you. Our Corti-Cut mixed with a good diet has yielded excellent results.

MUSCLE BUILDING MIXTURES- We have a couple customers that are body builders who come in for our Whey Protein powder. They love it and come back for more every time.

NATURAL SOAPS & LOTIONS- The couple brands of soap we carry come in a variety of smells. From Fiji Apple, Lavender Rosemary, and Caribbean Heat.  

NATURAL ORAL CARE PRODUCTS- For those with sensitive teeth we have a good variety of Toothpaste and Mouth Wash, that are all natural of course. We carry Teeth Whiteners and Tongue Cleaners.

NATURAL SUNSCREENS- If you are looking for Sunscreens that DO NOT have Oxybenzone, we have them. Our exclusive brand Caribbean Solutions have lovely scents that rub in smoothly on your skin.

HORMONE REGULATORS- Menopause getting you down? Fear not, oue hormone regulators can help cut down your menopause with ease. We have testosterone and estrogen pills for whatever your needs are.

GERMAN RYE BREAD-  Our German Rye Bread is imported from Canada, placed in the freezer ready for selling. We can order a quarter loaf, to even an entire loaf of German Rye Bread.

ORGANIC NUTS AND SEEDS-  Almonds, Walnuts, and Sun Flower seeds, all unsalted and ready to eat. We even have Organic dryed fruits, and Raw Trail Mix. Pack full of energy and proteins.

FACIAL CLEANERS- Do you or your kids have Acne? Well our products can help fight acne and help keep your face oil free. We have scrubs, toners, cleansers, and much more!

ESSENTIAL OILS- Depending on your scent preference, all our essential oils are bottled in the store. Our best sellers are, Patouli and Peppermint . Peppermint oil has a variety of uses from helping with headaches, muscle aches, clearing the sinuses, and even stomach aches. Is apple your favorite? Lavender? Coconut? What about orange or lime? Maybe spearmint, we have a huge selection of our scented oils that we are most known for.  Stop by a take a look at all our oils!!

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