Liquid Supplements

Why liquid supplements?

Simply put, they can be better absorbed versus pills. This increased bioavailability leads to an improved nutrient uptake, so you reap more of the benefits - quicker.

Liquid Daily Multivitamin

Through Ocean Powered Plants!

This multi contains 7 different species of ocean algae mixed in a tasty tropical juice. Sea veggies offer one of the broadest range of vitamins & minerals of any food. They contain virtually all the minerals that can be found in the ocean–the same minerals that are found in human blood.

Double The Fuel For Double The Energy

Whether its a B Vitamin boost or a shot of green energy, we got you covered!
Energy & Stress Formula
Be Positive With B-Vitamins!

Energy & Stress Formula

Feeling a little bit fatigued & frustrated? Elevate your energy levels while combating stress with the remarkable synergy of B-Vitamins, Siberian Ginseng, & Potassium.
Super Greens
Go Go Greens!

Super Greens

Having a hard time filling in the gaps of a balanced diet? Our greens is great for the on the go life style. This superfood blend will give you long lasting green-fueled energy that will last you throughout the day.

Do You Take Your Night-A-Mins?

Liquid Calcium Magnesium

This magnesium supplement is a great addition to your night time regimen. Also included is plenty of calcium with added Vitamin D to aid in absorption.