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Infuse any of the bases below with either our Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils. All cold pressed & phalate free.
Fruit Tea
Velvety & Smooth

Fruit Tea

The ingredients in this lotion come together to create a rich & velvety feel. It has a fantastic array of beneficial ingredients that your skin will absolutely adore you for using!
Sea Mineral
Soft & Silky

Sea Mineral

This lotion contains 7 different types of ocean algae & has a softer finish. It’s lite and great for the summertime so you’re not weighed down in the humidity. 
Sun-E Day
Sun Powered Ingredients

Sun-E Day

This lotion is infused with Vitamin E, a bouquet of medicinal flowers, as well as a variety of ocean algae. This formula is a go-to for hydration after a day out in the sun!
Shea Butter
Lush & Rich

Shea Butter

African Shea butter is a highly effective emollient. Emollients are great for soothing, hydrating, & protecting your skin from harsh environmental factors.


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