Customizing Your Lotion:

1. Browse Scent Menu

Browse the 4 different scent categories with their corresponding fragrances.

2. Review Layering Notes

Below are instructions on note layering to help you craft your perfect aroma.

3. Input Your Selection

Select up to 3 scents to input into the Customizer for the lotion below.

Island Health Hut

Fruit Tea Lotion

Many beneficial compounds can be extracted from the different structures of plants. From the flowers, to the leaves, and even the seeds. The ingredients in this lotion utilizes all of those parts. Pomegranate sterols, mango seed butter, evening primrose oil, tamanu seed oil, and lastly green tea seed & leaf extracts. All of these ingredients and their beneficial compounds come together to help your skin stay soft & supple.*

Scent Selection:

These perfume oils are scented from natural plant compounds. They have already been mixed & layered to create the final fragrance. These options cannot be combined with other Oils.
When selecting 2 scents, oils are added in equal parts & selecting 3 will result in a 1:2:1 ratio. If you would like a particular scent that is more forward, please let us know in the description box below.
Please note that our Scent-Sational oils are blends & cannot be mixed with other oils.Discoloration may occur and is natural. When trying any new cosmetic product always try a test patch first on your skin.

How To Layer Notes

Select up to 3 scents, with Custom Scent 1, 2, & 3 being your Top, Middle, & Base Notes respectively.

Top Notes

The first notes to hit the nose. It evaporates quickly, but is the first impression of your scent. Input this as "Custom Scent 1"

Middle Notes

Middle notes make up the majority of your scent. They leave a more lingering impression on the nasal palate. This will be "Custom Scent 2"

Base Notes

These notes land the journey your scent takes you on. They appear after the top & middle notes have mellowed out. Input this option as "Custom Scent 3"
We recommend first time blenders to come in store for best results. We do our best to get the fragrance as close to how you describe it in the description notes.While chances are minimal, unless any product degradation occurs we cannot except returns on custom products. Returns are limited to product deterioration, due to possible shipping or handling errors.