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H.O.P.E. Digestion Kit

Vital Flora Ultra Daily 60B — Size

This kit includes Fiber 35, Vital Omega Gold Fish Oil, Vital Flora Ultra Daily Probiotic & Vital Digest Enzyme.

Created by digestive expert Brenda Watson, this kit promotes digestive balance, immune health & overall vitality by giving you H.O.P.E.

  • High Fiber: Fiber 35 provides 5 grams of fiber per serving from 35 organic sources
  • Omega 3: Vital Omega Gold provides 2,350 mg of Omega 3 per serving in an enteric coated, fish gel capsule designed to bypass stomach acid to avoid the fishy burps!
  • Probiotic: Contains a balanced ratio of lacto & bifido strains to support overall immune and digestive health. Great for both males and females. Ultra Daily provides 60 billion cultures with 60 diverse strains in a delayed release capsule that bypasses your stomach acid that can be harmful to certain strains.
  • Enzyme: Vital Digest is a highly potent, delayed release enzyme capsule containing 22 diverse enzymes for fat, carbohydrates and protein digestion

These products are Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, & Vegan
They are family owned & operated